PROJECT: To launch the exploration of the numerous strategies available to you as an eco artist, complete the following survey.

Introducing Eco Art Themes

PROJECT: “Headlines!” is the project that launches your eco-art practice. It directs your attention to the abundance of eco art themes that can be gleaned from each week’s news publications.

Introducing Eco Art Aesthetics

PROJECT: To introduce aesthetic considerations into your eco art practice, select one common ingredient of your life that depends upon a machine.


GAME RULES: Every player assumes the role of the government of a different city around the globe.


PROJECT: Consider the following four forms of intervention: Destroy the weak; Ignore the weak and let them die natural deaths; Repair the weak so they can survive; Restore the weak so that become strong.


PROJECT: As a class, organize a “Kilowatt Not!” competition” between two living units on your campus.


PROJECT: Imagine that you have been hired by the Environmental Protection Agency or the Federal Food and Drug Administration to promote the use of maggots in healing wounds.


PROJECT: Create a work of art in which the item you choose serves as a metaphor for an environmental issue.


PROJECT: Create a work of art celebrating either a neglected situation or an abused object. 


PROJECT: Imagine that the human race has one hundred years to prepare for “the second post-apocalyptic greenhouse.”


PROJECT: Eco artists are among those who suspect that the taste for newness may be sending the human race on a collision course with the consequences of its own behaviors.


PROJECT: Are Homo sapiens an ‘endangered species’? 


PROJECT: Imagine a bus trip to the Mall of America. Now imagine that a detour is being planned to educate the passengers about the problems associated with extreme consumerism.