• New and Comprehensive Anthropocene Resource!

    Welcome to the Anthropocene is a new website has just launched that provides a graphically vivid and thoroughly researched overview of the implications of the "Anthropocene".  The term emerged to recognize overwhelming global evidence that atmospheric, geologic, hydrologic, biospheric and other earth system processes are being altered by humans. The word combines the root "anthropo" (meaning "human") with the root "-cene" (meaning "epoch").

    Welcome to the Anthropocene is the world's first educational web portal on the Anthropocene. It aims to inspire, educate and engage people about the interactions between humans and the planet. It offers numerous points of entry. Here are a few examples:

    The timeline begins with the first appearance of the genus 'homo' 2,500,000 years ago. It ends with the 2015
    Sustainable Goals summit.


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To Life! by Linda Weintraub
To Life! Eco Art in Pursuit of a Sustainable Planet documents the burgeoning eco art movement from A to Z, presenting a panorama of artistic responses to environmental concerns, from Ant Farm’s anti-consumer antics in the 1970s to Marina Zurkow’s 2007 animation that anticipates the havoc wreaked upon the planet by global warming. This text is the first international survey of twentieth and twenty-first-century artists who are transforming the global challenges facing humanity and the Earth’s diverse living systems. Their pioneering explorations are situated at today’s cultural, scientific, economic, spiritual, and ethical frontiers. The text guides students of art, design, environmental studies, and interdisciplinary studies to integrate environmental awareness, responsibility, and activism into their professional and personal lives.

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