• Bees Lost in Flight

    The Beehive Collective would probably heartily agree with the Reverend Billy Talen, "Our Devil is Monsanto and our Hero is the Honey Bee." Talen is staging his protesting antics against 

    neuropathic pesticides called “neonicotinoids” that short-circuit the bees’ navigation.  This disorienting drug means they can’t find their way home to their hive. Talen imagines them flying round and round carrying heavy sacke of flower pollen, lost! He is waging a counter attack on their behalf. It is a new video entitled, "Monsanto is the Devil."

    Talen is planning to 'swarm' at Monsanto headquarters in St. Louis!

    He has announced, "The Honey Bee is our teacher.  We learn to swarm and sting.  We travel long distances to our sweet destination. We cover ourselves with bees.  We brush wild honey on ourselves and stick to Monsanto’s walls." He reminds us that self-interest is another reason to protest the bees' plight. If they can't return to their hives, we can't survive well either!


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