• From Landscape to Xeriscape to Mindscape

    Mel Chin is back in eco action, this time to address the severe water shortages in California. Acting as a kind of 'Johnny Appleseed', he is installing living paintings throughout the city, each takes the form of a 15 square foot xeriscape (drought tolerant) planting.

    To realize this goal, he created eight demonstration gardens, which he sited along the LA River at the Clockshop Bowtie Project. Then he pitched the gardens to art collectors to select one design to create for themselves in their own backyard or community space. Participants received a blueprint and an installation manual to execute the gardens.

    Chin also created duplicates he calls “mirror gardens” in the yards of private homes in neighborhoods throughout the city, and public spaces at Occidental College and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. In this manner he is engaging the public in a collective action that addresses their own water issues. As Patricia Lea Watts states, "This call to action, combining aesthetics and nature in a way that mimics our interdependence, is a “watershed” strategy for ecological art."

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